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Together we work for your success. Our long-standing international experience in various industries makes us a competent partner in the field of Digital Media as well as Classic Media. In addition, we support you in developing your cross-media strategy. In this regard, a trusting cooperation and personal interaction are of highest importance to us.

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  • Finance

    We support you with our extensive experience in the financial sector. Whether it is about loan comparison, current account opening, application for credit cards or trading, we offer advertising measures that perfectly fit to your brand and your targets and enable their successful realization.

  • NGOs

    Given the current and future global developments, to support people in need is more important than ever. In order to be able to take care of the work on site even more intensely, we take care of your marketing measures for fundraising in a professional way across all relevant advertising channels.

  • Tourism

    The tourism sector is becoming increasingly popular. Concerning long-distance travel and home leave – the industry is booming. Therefore, it is even more important to stand out in the sea of sameness and convince potential customers of your brand. As tourism experts, we help you to increase awareness and define targeted marketing measures to differentiate your offer from the competition. At the same time, we always keep your performance goals in mind. We promote events, generate bookings or newsletter subscriptions as well as fans and followers for your social media channels.

  • Pharma

    Health is a trending topic in our society, which will be considered even more comprehensively in the future and will open up new potential for the healthcare market. To make the most out of these opportunities, we support you as a trusting partner in the realization of your campaigns in compliance with the pharmaceutical advertising law. You can also gather valuable data obtained by cooperations with online pharmacies.

  • Mail order

    Do you want to make your outbound shipments available to other companies as an advertising channel for new customer acquisition while providing added value to your own customers? Or are you looking for suitable ways to place inserts (vouchers or product samples)? We will gladly assist you with our direct marketing expertise in the search for appropriate partners. We take care of the complete communication and handling of both one-sided and mutual barter deals. Another area of our ​​expertise is the commercialization of correspondence and catalogue supplements, as well as the brokerage of cross-media cooperations (online and offline).

  • Publishers & associations

    Considering the current market situation in the advertising sector, it is highly recommended to focus on a successful marketing strategy. Due to our many years of experience, we know what is important in the marketing of ads, inserts and special print formats, regardless of whether it is a member magazine, journal or popular magazine.

  • Automobile

    The automotive industry is in transition – let’s get ready for future! We support car manufacturers and retailers in making their cars and services being recognized through eye-catching advertising measures. Regardless of brand, we create awareness for local retailers. Using geo targeting, we deliver your ads effectively and reach your target audience in the defined area. Generate test drives with our technology and thus increase your market share.

  • Retail

    Individual CRM measures like lotteries, the acquisition of customer data, distribution of inserts at the POS and online campaigns surrounding your store – we offer a comprehensive cross-media marketing portfolio from one source. Based on our experience in retail, we develop a strategy which perfectly suits your needs. We accompany you from the initial idea and conception to implementation and optimization up until the end of your campaign.


Armin Müller

Armin Müller CEO


+49 (0) 7243 5390-299

Tim Meyser

Tim Meyser Managing Partner


+49 (0) 7243 5390-250

Mike Bauer

Mike Bauer Managing Partner


+49 (0) 7243 5390-112

Peter Lietz

Peter Lietz Marketing Manager


+49 (0) 176/34428609

Alissa Hoffmann

Alissa Hoffmann Marketing Manager


+49 (0) 7243 5390-222

Huruy Ghedela

Huruy Ghedela Marketing Manager (Sales)


+49 (0) 7243 5390-277

Jesika Marenic

Jesika Marenic Marketing Manager


+49 (0) 7243 5390-212

Anna-Lena Wirsching-Lenz

Anna-Lena Wirsching-Lenz Marketing Manager


+49 (0) 7243 5390-120

Marielle Braun

Marielle Braun Marketing Manager


+49 (0) 7243 5390-144

Tahia Müller

Tahia Müller Management assistance


+49 (0) 7243 5390-276

Dr. Javier Garcia

Dr. Javier Garcia Sales & Marketing Manager


+49 7243 5390-133

Lena Steger

Lena Steger Marketing Manager


+49 (0) 7243 5390-110

Chiara Marold

Chiara Marold Marketing Manager


+(49) 176 55004533

Franziska Gob

Franziska Gob Junior Marketing Manager


+49 176 47637863

Fabian Bastian

Fabian Bastian Werkstudent


+49 (0) 7243 5390-0

Vanessa Kunz

Vanessa Kunz Junior Marketing Manager


+49 (0) 176 47127510

Aniko Brand-Lehmann

Aniko Brand-Lehmann Marketing Manager


+49 (0) 7243 5390-288

Athanasia Apostolou

Athanasia Apostolou Marketing Manager


+49 (0) 7243 5390-111


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