We are your competent partner in the field of Digital Media. Benefit from our many years of experience in branding and performance marketing.

Programmatic Advertising

Deliver your ads automatically and get in touch with your relevant audience online. By using our algorithm, you constantly interact with your target audience in the relevant environment, at the right time and via all digital media channels. Moreover, you reach new potential customers.

Display & Mobile Advertising

Take advantage of high coverage on the web by presenting your banners on websites and in apps. Whether in news portals or on special interest websites – with our support you will always address your target audience in the right environment.

Social Media Advertising

Interact with users in Social Media channels by using remarkable ad formats, which attract attention, motivate, entertain and emotionalize. Introduce your products or services through creative formats and generate likes and leads.

Native Advertising

Place your editorial messages in appropriate environments and offer additional benefits with high-quality content for your customers. Through this form of communication, you position your brand in the minds of your target group, increase sympathy and create a positive brand image. 

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your visibility on appropriate organic search queries via Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We support you by optimizing your website including keyword analysis on search volume and topic relevance.

Search Engine Advertising

Another way to increase traffic through search engines are paid ads that are shown above the organic search results. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) enables more provides accurate targeting and reduces coverage loss.

E-Mail Marketing / Newsletter

Share your advertising message quickly and cost-effectively through E-Mail marketing. In addition to standalone newsletters, we also offer newsletter integration. Thereby you benefit from the positive image transfer of a suitable partner. 

Targeting und Retargeting

Our system offers multiple targeting possibilities to reach exactly your relevant audience with your message. Our portfolio includes contextual, sociodemographic, semantic and behavioural targeting. By using retargeting, we are able to deliver your message precisely to those users who have already shown interest. Thus we increase your brand awareness and the users’ buying intention.

Digital Out-of-Home

By using huge digital billboards at highly frequented locations such as airports, train stations or shopping centres, your message will receive special attention and achieve enormous coverage.

Living Ads

The interactive mobile formats guarantee a high level of user interaction and great entertainment by involving potential customers in a playful way. 

Rich Media

The special ad formats are perfect for your branding campaign. They offer various design options and increase response rates.


Through a multimedia approach, you can raise awareness for your marketing message and tell stories which touch your target audience emotionally.