A successful cross-media campaign includes offline media. Whether it is advertising bookings, magazine inserts, cooperation marketing, inserts in shopping bags and parcels, response recording or sales promotion measures, Agentur Neun develops a tailor-made strategy for the offline presence of your brand.

Media planning

We identify the relevant media for your target audience, develop an appropriate media plan and evaluate advertising measures. Daily newspapers, popular magazines and special-interest magazines – take advantage of this wide range of advertising media and reach your target group via ads or inserts in a high-quality environment. Convince potential customers with product samples at the point of sale or in parcels of target group relevant cooperation partners.

Cooperation marketing

Benefit from our clients network and our diverse industry expertise. We connect you with partners which perfectly fit to your brand and are already in contact with your relevant target group. In addition to barter deals, also lottery cooperations can be realized. Renowned partners offer important customer data as well as attractive lottery prizes for your customers. Moreover, you benefit from the positive image transfer of the partners and strengthen your brand value.

Inserts in shoppings bags and parcels

Attract new customers in appropriate brand environments. Place promotional messages such as flyers, coupons or product samples in parcels or shopping bags of well-known stores, which are popular among your target group. You can realize inserts one-way but also as a barter deal.

Sales promotion

Take advantage of promotional measures like coupon sheets or lotteries. Coupon sheets do not only motivate your customers to buy, but also enable you to gain high-quality customer data, intensify your customer relationship and strengthen customer loyalty. Exciting raffles are an effective way to delight customers, encourage interaction and attract new customers.

Customer cards

Expand your customer retention strategy and introduce a customer card for your brand. Obtain highly relevant data and get a deeper understanding of buying behaviour. We support you in the introduction process of the customer card and develop a strategy that suits your target group, is tailored to your interests and takes into account your individual internal processes.

Response recording

While data generated by online sources usually is integrated directly into your CRM system, digital recording of analogue customer data is an important task of customer management. We record your analogue data obtained from applications for customer cards and subscriptions to catalogues or lotteries digitally and enable the integration into your CRM system.